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Bearing Puller Types: A blog about the different types


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fan bearing puller is a tool used to extract parts from a shaft or a recess, including bearings, gears, and pulleys. Before forcing the component off the shaft, the puller firmly grasps it in specially crafted jaws.

Every sector makes use of pullers to securely and effectively demount bearings. A bearing pulley could make it simple to remove your bearings and other components, whether you are in the food and beverage or automotive industries.

Fan Bearing Puller

Types of bearing pullers

Mechanical and hydraulic bearing pullers

A mechanical fan bearing puller employs a set of jaws to grab the bearing and pull it off the shaft, whereas a hydraulic bearing puller uses fluid pressure to push the bearing off the shaft. The size and kind of the bearing you are removing will determine the type of bearing puller you employ. Larger bearings are normally removed using a hydraulic bearing puller, whilst smaller bearings are typically removed using a mechanical bearing puller.

Integral and Split Type Bearing Puller Tool

A one-piece hydraulic puller with an integrated hydraulic hand pump is known as an integral hydraulic bearing puller. The hydraulic puller and separate hydraulic pump that make up a split-type bearing puller are connected by high-pressure hydraulic hoses.

Ambitech Bearing puller

Two- and three-jaw bearing puller

On the market, a few different types of bearing pullers are available. The most popular bearing pullers have two or three jaws. Bearings with an interior diameter that is smaller than the width of the pulling jaws are removed using a two-jaw bearing puller. In order to extract bearings with an internal diameter greater than the pulling jaws’ breadth, a three-jaw bearing puller is utilised.

Bearing Puller Mounted on a Trolley

A bearing puller that is mounted on a movable trolley is known as a trolley-mounted bearing puller. In industrial settings, this bearing puller is frequently used to remove large, heavy bearings off shafts or assemblies. The frame that supports the hydraulic cylinder and the arm that is attached to the pulling head make up the trolley-mounted bearing puller. The arm can be lifted and lowered because the hydraulic cylinder is attached to it via a pivot point. The pulling head, which is connected to the arm’s end, has a number of adapters that can be used to fit various bearing sizes and kinds. When the hydraulic cylinder is turned on, the arm is pushed or pulled, pushing or pulling on the pulling head, which frees the bearing from its mounting.

Things to consider before buying a fan bearing puller

1. The first is the bearing’s size and location. The pullers must be large enough to cover the shaft and bearing. Before you make a purchase, you must completely comprehend the spread and get to the puller’s range. The reach is the available space between the puller’s jaw head and the pulling surface. As the jaws open, this distance changes and gets shorter. The jaws’ extended diameter is known as the spread. typically 25 inches

2. The type of puller is the second factor. If there is room, it is preferable to use a 3 jaw puller rather than a 2 jaw puller because they are safer and simpler to handle. Although hydraulic versions of pullers require a pump, hose, and gauge, they are simpler to use than their mechanical counterparts. The size of the puller will determine whether the pump is powered by hand or electricity.

3. The puller’s tonnage is the third factor. There are many different capabilities for pullers. Most of the versions on the market weigh between 2 and 50 tonnes. However, RIVERLAKE’s specialised 2 and 3 jaw trolley mounted hydraulic puller machines come in 50, 100, and 200 tonne capacities.

4. Cost is the fourth factor to take into account. A bigger tonnage puller typically costs more than a smaller one. For a given tonnage, the mechanical puller is the least expensive, the split-type hydraulic puller is the least expensive, the integral puller is less expensive than a split-type, and the trolley-mounted puller is the most expensive.

5. Safety is the final and most crucial factor to think about. The puller should be built of high-strength materials so that its jaw won’t break easily and cause personal injury. Always make sure you buy the proper tools from a reputable manufacturer or brand. Make sure the hydraulic puller you buy has a 1.5 capacity safety factor and complies with ISO10100:2001 when you buy one.

Jhalani Bearing Puller

Working of a bearing puller

Bearing pullers are offered as internal pullers and external pullers, and they are used to remove bearings from shafts or housings. An external bearing puller is the most typical kind. As depicted in Figure 2, it is possible to swiftly and safely remove the bearing or other components. The pulling power of the pushing screw (D) on the puller arms will cause the bearing (B) to be pulled off the shaft (C).


It can be appealing to type “purchase bearing puller online” into Google and select the first result when you have a pressing need for a fan bearing puller. However, you must be certain that the bearing puller you choose is the appropriate one for your requirements and that it is a legitimate and dependable instrument. We at IndustryBuying provide same-day availability on a variety of pullers that are in stock.

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