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Technology has become another synonym for the 21st century. With the advancement of technology, every chore has been majorly replaced by machines. As cars have advanced, the way they have to be maintained has also advanced.

Thorough cleaning of a car is necessary from time to time. But many of us take the cleaning of a car for granted as they think it is just splashing water on the car. But the answer is No! Car cleaning is a proper procedure wherein it involves car washer machines and properly rinses out different types of dust, debris and animal excreta that settle on the surface of the car body. This type of settled dust often causes color fading of the car. Here in this blog, we will provide a step by step guide on how to effectively clean your car.


I. Step -1
We need to start the car washing by first manually dusting the tyres and sides of the car. You can use a microfiber cloth or microfiber hands to clean the dirtiest parts of the car i.e. tires and side window panes of the vehicle.

II. Step – 2
We will need a pressure washer along with a drain cleaner for the pressure washer and a wash brush for AQT Pressure Washer. These pieces of equipment will be combined to form a car washer machine setup to clean the car efficiently.

III. Step – 3
After we gather all the pieces of equipment, we are required to connect all of them according to the procedure.

•  Firstly, we need to connect the pressure washer and the drain cleaner. Using them, we have to splash water on the car surface and tires. It ensures the thorough cleaning of the car as the pressure exerted by the washer will wash away the surface dust and debris from tyres and the exterior body of the car.

•  Secondly, putting on a detergent on the body of the vehicle followed by creating foam on the body and using the wash brush to deeply clean the spots on the surface of the body. This also adds a fresh look and lust to the body of the car and restores the color of the car, where it fades away due to accumulated dust.

•  In the end, by using the pressure washer and drain cleaner, the car is thoroughly washed and free from all the debris and other kinds of dust.

Types of Pressure Washers

Many successful companies have contributed their time and resources for manufacturing hydraulic hardware tools for such usage. Some of the pressure washers which are regarded as the best for the purpose of car cleaning are Power Wash, Makita, Bosch, Magna Cleaning etc. The pressure washers along with their stunning and distinguishing features have been listed below:

a) Power Wash Industrial Pressure Washer –

To ensure user safety, the POWERWASH Industrial Pressure Washer is grounded. The POWERWASH industrial pressure washer is the ideal instrument for cleaning all types of surfaces due to its small size, low weight, and simple-to-use features. The 2500 PSI industrial pressure washer from POWERWASH is made for continuous use in challenging conditions including rough surfaces, oil sludge, etc. Power Wash pressure washers are made to assist you with even the most difficult cleaning tasks. They are made using materials of a commercial quality and can be used in a range of settings, including car washes and construction sites. Almost any cleaning work may be accomplished with our powerful pressure washers, both indoors and outside. These power washers are frequently employed in industrial settings.

POWERWASH Industrial Pressure Washer 3000W 18M17.5-3S4

The features of this washer are:

• Flow rate – 141/min
• Voltage – 220V
• Frequency – 50 Hz
• Rated Pressure – 2000 PSI
• Power – 3000W
• Maximum Pressure – 2500 PSI
• Weight – 55 kg
• Speed –  1450 RPM

b) Makita High-Pressure Water Cleaner

We can buy the top-notch Makita 2100W High-Pressure Water Cleaner HW132 and be sure to get the best in terms of performance and longevity. We surely need not to be concerned about Makita 2100W High-Pressure Water Cleaner HW132 prices, as we can be sure that we’ll get the best deals thanks to Industry buying, which offers us real prices for the product as well as quality-assured goods from the best brands with unique brand discounts that we won’t find anywhere else.

Makita 2100W High Pressure Water Cleaner HW132

The features of this washer are listed below:
• Weight – 15.5 kg
• Motor type – 2 pole induction
• Model – HW132
• Hose Length – 8.0m
• Input rating – 2100W
• Cord Length – 5.0m
• Pressure – 2030 PSI
• Air volume – 130 bar
• Maximum Flow Rate – 420L/h

c) Bosch Professional High-pressure washers for cleaning

This Bosch car washer machine comes with many advantages and excellent features. Some of those features are listed below followed by the technical capacity of the car washer.

Bosch GHP 5-65 2400 W Professional High Pressure Washers

High cleaning power: An anodized aluminum pump with stainless steel pistons that produces a high flow and pressure combination results in high cleaning power.

Convenient: Metal telescoping handle that is lightweight, mobile, and compact.
Useful in both horizontal and vertical orientations

Self-priming: Capable of obtaining water from an outside source.

Reduces water and electricity consumption when the motor and pump stop automatically.
• Operating Pressure – 130 bar
• Maximum inlet temperature – 50 Celsius
• Cable length – 5mm
• Rated flow rate – 485l/h
• Pump system – wobble plate
• Lance – adjustable 3-in-1 lance made of stainless steel
• Motor type – induction

Types of Drain Cleaners

Now that we have looked at some of the best options for pressure washers, we must take a look at the drain cleaners for pressure washers, through which the pumped water can be splashed on the vehicle to clean it effectively. Some of the best drain cleaners have been listed here:

a) Bosch drain cleaner for pressure washer

This Bosch drain cleaner is one of a kind. This acts as an extension for the pressure washer and helps in cleaning the car better. This drain cleanser jets the propels the nozzles forward and is connected directly to the pressure washer gun.

Bosch Drain Cleaner For Pressure Washer F.016.800.362

Its features are listed below:
• Hose Length – 10 meters
• Weight – 998 gms
• Dimensions – 29 * 27.4 * 9 cm

b)  Bosch Drain Cleaner (160 bar)

The Drain Cleaner’s 10 meter professional length helps you to access those difficult-to-reach places. The Push-fit connection makes it simple and quick to install the drain cleaner. Our job will be made simpler and faster by the highly effective duet jets that drive the nozzle forward. Even in awkward locations, the high pressure jets easily drive water through any size pipe or drain. The rubber nozzles’ adjustability enables use with pipes and drains of various sizes.

Bosch F016800483 Drain Cleaner 10m (160 bar)

Features of this excellent drain cleaner has been listed below:
• Weight – 1.180kg
• Dimension – 9 * 28.5 * 26cm
• Pressure – 160 bars
• Length – 10 mtrs

The last thing is to gather the wash brush for the car washer. The wash brush can be attached to the drain cleaner or the pressure washer knob which helps in creating foam and then cleaning the spots on the car.

Wash Brush for Pressure washer

a) Bosch Wash Brush for Pressure Washer

This Bosch wash brush can be said as a perfect tool for cleaning spots on the car by creating foam with the help of a pressure washer. Operates at low pressure, allowing detergent to be used. Soft bristles that work well for many different services. rapid connection to the weapon. Its details are given below:
• Weight – 340 gms
• Dimensions – 40.6 * 13 * 8.8 cm

Bosch Wash Brush For AQT Pressure Washer F.016.800.359


As we have already mentioned above the importance of cleaning a car on a regular basis, it is also important to acknowledge the point that giving a car at regular intervals to a garage for cleaning is not an affordable option as they cost a handsome amount of money for doing so. Thus, in order to prevent those regular expenditures, a one-time investment can be chosen as it is a better option, which might seem too much initially.

As a one-time investment, we will be able to clean our car at our convenience and not spend extra pennies on it again and again. But we understand that even though it will be a one-time investment, we would still want our goods at affordable prices with additional discounts and products being durable and efficient and long-lasting.

At industry buying, you get the best of products available at affordable prices with huge discounts, which are efficient and durable in nature. Visit our website today and grab exciting offers on car washer machines and tools. For unlocking huge discounts on your desired products, visit

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