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Reasons Why You Need a Water Dispenser in Your workplace


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Since the lockdown got lifted and more people started to return to our offices, the safety and well-being of employees have been the first priority for every business owner. Even while one-way systems and plastic screens can help with social isolation, how else can we guarantee that the office is a healthy place to work? Ensuring that your workforce is staying hydrated with healthy, purified water and immune-boosting supplemented water is an effective and healthy approach using a water dispenser with a fridge.

The Benefits of Having a Water Dispenser at Work

Reducing the expenses

The cost of providing drinking water to your company shouldn’t be prohibitive. If you choose a blue star water dispenser priced at a reasonable rate, you can save even more money over time compared to routinely purchasing cases of bottled water. Jugs of water and pricey delivery services add up quickly. Going bottomless at the workplace further reduces the price of a water dispenser.

Your office water dispenser will simply draw water from your water line and provide fresh water once you pay the unit’s purchase and installation fees. No supply costs or service fees. It immediately generates a profit. A bottle-less dispenser may occasionally require a filter replacement, but it shouldn’t incur recurring costs like replacement jugs or bottled water.

Blue star water dispenser

Saving significant space

Lack of space is a typical problem in many companies. An office water dispenser, particularly a bottleless water dispenser, is a fantastic space-saving solution for workspaces when space is at a premium. The space needed to store cumbersome replacement jugs or a supply of heavy water bottles is not needed with a bottleless water dispenser. Additionally, you won’t need to worry about where to store empty bottles and jugs while they wait to be recycled. A bottleless dispenser merely needs a place to be placed; nothing else.

The fact that bottleless dispensers are available in countertop units, which take up even less room if space is really at a premium in your office, is an added plus like that of voltas water dispenser priced at the best rates.  However, free-standing floor variants that mimic the conventional types with jugs are an additional choice if you have the room. In either case, getting to a cool drink won’t involve tripping over water bottles and jugs.

Voltas Water Dispenser

Being sustainable and going green

The ecology is being threatened by plastic trash. Less than half of the more than 480 billion plastic water bottles that were purchased in 2016 were collected for recycling. Fewer yet were actually used to create new bottles. In the upcoming years, it is anticipated that this number will increase and pose a bigger threat to the earth’s oceans, coastlines, and other regions. Bottleless office water dispensers are a great sustainable option to single-use water bottles and jugs for companies trying to go green and responsibly reduce their impact on the environment.

By switching to a bottleless office water dispenser like blue star water dispenser priced at affordable rates, you can lessen the quantity of plastic waste you send to the trash and the number of fossil fuels you need to recycle bottles and return jugs. Additionally, energy-efficient models consume less energy, improving the environment.

Overtop water dispenser

Saving Time

The last thing a working professional needs is to spend their already busy day fixing or maintaining the water cooler. Jug-using water dispensers require staff to replace the jug, or at the very least, someone to hold the door open for the service person. What transpires if the device develops a leak? Even water bottles need someone to take the effort to inventory them and place orders for or purchase fresh water bottles.

Nobody needs to take time out of their hectic schedule to refill a water jug or place another order for supplies when there is a bottle-less workplace water dispenser available. A bottleless dispenser’s filter is the sole component that needs to be replaced regularly; filters typically last at least six months and sometimes even a full year. These types also feature shut-off controls in the unlikely event of floods and are well-designed to provide you with few problems. The plumbing firm that installed the appliance ought to have the answers if you experience problems.

You don’t need us to tell you how important it is right now to keep community areas clean. As we’ve already indicated, office water dispensers like the blue star water dispenser are priced at affordable rates and, have a sleek design, are simple to clean with a cloth and disinfectant cleaning spray. The drip tray can also be easily removed and put in the dishwasher.


Modern workplace facilities must have an office water dispenser, but you shouldn’t have to spend a lot of time or money on one. Office water dispensers that don’t use bottles help the environment while also saving businesses time, money, and space. When you weigh all the advantages of being bottle-free, choosing between a bottleless water dispenser and the conventional options is simple. When you do, you won’t turn back. Choose from a wide range of water dispensers for your workplace from IndustryBuying.

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