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The chaff cutter: the most versatile tool you need


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chaff cutter is a mechanical tool used for slicing straw and hay into small portions before being combined collectively with different forage and fed to horses and cattle. This aids the animal’s digestion and stops animals from rejecting any part of their food. Since chaff and hay are used to feed horses, they are essential to the majority of agricultural production. These machines are more useful because they can release the material from the plant or tree without damaging it.

Chaff cutter machines are usually made of 2 parts: a shear head that has blades or knives and then a set of disks or drums called beaters which are placed approximately 2 feet away from the shear head. This distance allows the beaters to catch most of the pieces before falling to the ground.

Benefits of using chaff cutter

Chaff cutters are powered by motors, and they have the advantages of being energy-efficient and requiring less time and labor to cut large amounts of chaff. This cutting blade has been made wear-resistant and hardened to withstand pressure. The machine is driven by a single-phase engine that rotates between 3000 and 4000 RPM, which enables it to operate efficiently and produce an amazing yield. Chaff cutters are small enough to be transported by one person which makes them more usable on small-sized farms with minimal labor needed. Chaff cutters are easy to clean up as they can easily fit into a container of approximately 15 cm depth. The most important feature of a chaff cutter is that it doesn’t need much power to operate and even if it works on larger pieces of the crop, it will not require any more power than normal use would need. The chaff cutter’s structure is straightforward and simple to adjust and sharpen.

Types of chaff cutter

Hand-operated chaff cutter

The hand-operated chaff cutter is made up of a frame, an anvil, a curved blade on a spring pulley, and tray for feeding forage to the blade. When in use, the curved cutting blade is operated by the other hand and leg while the fodder is forced through a tray by one hand. As the blades gradually shear the forage, a thin layer is placed on the anvil. Low yields are a result of the labor-intensive hand-cutting process. While industrial cutters can exceed 1000 RPMs while cutting, hand cutters typically operate at 35 rpm.

Chaff cutting machines

A motorized chaff cutter is the better choice if we have more than five dairy cows because it will save time and money on labor. Mechanized chaff cutters are a great decision because high-yield dairy cows can consume up to 30-35 pounds of baled hay each day. An electric cutter makes it simple to process 100 kg of forage in just ten minutes, greatly reducing the need for manual feed preparation.

Agrimate AM-CCM 400 Chaff Cutter 3HP

Product specification
• Voltage: 220V
• Cutting size: 1.5-5 cm
• Chopping capacity: 400-600 kg/hr
• Frequency: 50 HZ
• Power: 3 hp

Mini chaff cutters

Small-scale farming setups are a great fit for mini chaff cutters. These are typically more affordable, more portable, and lighter than larger manual feed systems. The output is influenced by the moisture level and the primary feed ingredients. The mini chaff cutters can produce up to 1000 t/hr of processed cuttings while being relatively portable and light. The typical power requirements for mini chaff cutters are 2-3 kW with a motor speed of about 2000 rpm. The yields are significantly higher even though the mini motorized chaff cutter machine prices are more than the hand-operated chaff cutters.

Kisan Agri Mini Chaff Cutter Without Motor 3 HP

Product specification
• Capacity: 500-750 kg/hr
• Voltage: 220-380V
• Weight: 70 kg
• Material: Iron
• Motor power: 3 hp
• Power source: Electric motor

The price of Kisan Agri India Iron Mini Chaff Cutter Without Motor 3 HP is a little expensive compared to 1 hp chaff cutter. The prices totally depend on the specifications of the product.

Automatic chaff cutter-

Automatic feed chaff cutters offer a cutting-edge feed mechanism to feed the forage to the cutters via a belt system. For large-scale farming operations, the automated system also provides a special feed roller device that maximizes cutting output. These cutters typically have multiple power options, including motors, diesel engines, and tractors, as well as a special gearbox to adjust the processing lengths.

The biggest and most effective chaff cutters can process between 3 and 10 tonnes per hour and are automatic. These machines are more adaptable, can handle higher cut-fodder yields, and can use a variety of power sources. From a basic freestanding unit to the heavy-duty tractor-operated versions, their power and capacity range.

Standard Chaff Cutter Cum Pulverizer Machine

Product specification
• Automation Grade: Automatic
• Power: Source Electric Motor
• Capacity: 400-600 kg/hr


A significant challenge for farmers is the expense of buying a chaff cutting machine for use at their farm. Technological advancement has made it possible to find an affordable yet efficient model that suits your needs. The 1 hp chaff cutter machine is powered by an electric motor and is suitable on agricultural land for both small and big work.

Choosing the most appropriate chaff cutter can be a complicated process, but Industrybuying can help us with our specifications.

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