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How to Pick the Right Blue Star Water Cooler for You


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If you’re planning on purchasing a new water cooler, it’s important that you do your research first. There are many types of water coolers on the market right now and finding the right one for your needs can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for. Learn how to make sure you get the best value out of your purchase with these helpful tips!

The right blue star water cooler is a must-have with features that help the cooler last long and keep up with the ice-cold water requirements. A robust water cooler is required in schools, government and private offices, colleges, hospitals, commercial buildings, etc.

We need to assemble the right features and choose with the requirements. As for offices, schools, and commercial buildings, we need a water cooler that keeps the water chilled for a longer time and requires less maintenance. We are also here to help pick for your homes and industrial manufacturing buildings where the range of workers is more and cold water is required all day.

Let’s see what features we need to pay attention to while buying the right blue star water cooler.

The general features to look into are-

Stainless steel robust body
Value for money
Eco- friendly
Good compressor
Easy and silent operation
Services must be easily available
Convenient drainage system
Great storage capacity as per place of usage

Picking the right blue star water cooler

The features were listed above but we need to understand what is the importance f the features that are required. Why do we need them and what is so critical about them?

Let’s discuss a few features and pick the right choice for us.

Place of usage

You need a water cooler that looks good in appearance and can do the job. It should have a good body that enhances the look, a robust body for sturdy capacity, and silent operation. If you choose it for a home, office, hospital, or school the ease of operation is a must. It should also be eco-friendly and save power. Less power consumption accounts for being environment-friendly and longer usage. A robust body made of steel is required to do the job and also be sturdy in maintenance and shall last for a longer period of time.

The capacity of the water cooler

The place of usage determines what capacity of the water cooler you need. For homes, it can range up to 20 liters of capacity. For offices with less number of employees and small clinics, it can range up to anywhere around 60 liters. For schools and colleges, it must be around 150 liters of capacity. If you need an unlimited supply of water, you can use a bottle-less cooler or dispenser. The thing to look out for is the purification of every capacity range of the water cooler. As we know, tap water isn’t meant for consumption so we need a good purifier for clean water.
For high usage choose a water cooler with high purification capacity and a good compressor.

Blue star water cooler 150 liters

The range of water temperature

If you need colder water, the power consumption hike is obvious. The colder the water, the more power consumption. You need to consider the power consumption before buying. For offices and commercial buildings, it is not much of a debating point to decide whether you need cold or ice cold water or sparkling water. Check-in with the team to know what kind of water they would prefer.
Do you know about the fact that you can fluctuate the water temperature with a change in season? Check the model before being sure of the change in temperature. It can be modified according to season.

Check-in for a good compressor for a longer life of the water cooler. You should consider checking out the voltas water cooler for a good compressor and long-lasting life.

Voltas water cooler

The drainage and cleaning mechanism

It is important to pay attention to the drainage system of the water cooler you need to buy. A good drainage system is required to keep the water cooler or dispenser dry and free from any infectious problems and any possible accidents.

The water coolers need to be cleaned at a regular interval so that they remain clean and can function without hinges. A smooth functioning can only be ensured by regular servicing. So while buying a water cooler please ensure that you have access to regular services near your place of usage.

Ease of operation

The water coolers are used in places with access to normal people. One of the most important things to consider is the ease of operation for the people.

The ease of operation should be easy along with a robust silent operation of the inside system of the water cooler.

Modern water coolers come with a silent operation that makes zero noise and is comfortable to use. This is for places that need more focus on the surroundings to make the work possible like schools, offices, and hospitals. A noisy water cooler makes it difficult to focus on the work and is not tolerable, especially in offices and hospitals.

Blue star water Cooler

Now that you have this excellent updated buying guide with you, you can now select the right blue star water cooler for you.
To do so visit It will offer you big discounts and tons of options to choose from. Pick the right one for your need from Industry buying.

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