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Know how a power tiller works and its benefits


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Importance of a power tiller can be understood by someone who knows about farming. It is used to till the soil to make it ready to sow the seeds. In the olden days, this was done manually with a tiller with the help of farm animals. It was a tedious and time-consuming process that required a lot of work. With a power tiller, the same process is done with the help of a motor which effectively reduces time and works for a farmer.

How the power tiller works

Working on the power tiller involves a motor that runs on fuel (petrol or diesel). It has a power switch to turn on or turn off the ignition. For easy use, a handle is provided. Once switched on, the blades of the tiller, rotate and till the soil. The amount of soil tilled depends on the power of the engine and the number of blades of the tiller. Few models of power tillers are given below to provide further insights into the working of a power tiller:

Honda FQ650 Power Tiller

Honda FQ650 Recoil Starter Tillers with Tiles

This Honda power tiller is a durable and heavy-duty machine which is easy to use with sufficient power to cater to your farm needs. This is one of the best models in its class. It has a convenient feature of adjustable handle height at 3 different levels. It has a maximum power of 5.5 HP which renders a powerful displacement. The fuel type used in this machine is Petrol, and the motor has two forward and one reverse gear. With so many functional features and a fender of large size, it gets the work done faster.

AgriPro Mini Power tiller

AgriPro Mini Power Tiller APMT52

This mini power tiller is a multifunctional machine as it not only does the job of soil tilling but is also helpful in spreading fertilizer, sowing seeds. It helps with a tool kit for day-to-day maintenance. Wheels are solid to work in a field without problems. A semi-transparent fuel tank, lets you check fuel just by looking at it. A fuel funnel and bottle are provided for easy refuelling without spillage. Easy maintenance, durability and compact size with sufficient power make it a bargain buy even without discounts. Designed in a way for easy cleaning without too many closed chambers, makes sure it is long-lasting.

Neptune Power Tiller

Neptune 2 Stroke 62cc Heavy Duty Inter Crop Cultivator, NC-62

This two-stroke engine machine is a powerhouse at a displacement of 62 cc. This machine gets the job done fast with a speed of 6500RPM. Unrestricted blades make the work simple. Durable, great power and easy manoeuvrability make it a functional tiller. Its powerful motor makes sure of the smooth and even tilling in rocky soils. Ideal for a farm or garden tilling or weeding it is a good buy.

Stihl Power Tiller

Stihl 4 Stroke Power Tiller 252 CC MH 710

This tiller has a max power of 7 HP that makes it a powerful machine. This tiller has handle adjustability of sides. This makes it smooth to operate in changing directions and is easy to manoeuvre. Handle height adjustability feature gives convenience to the user. Its tilling area is wider than many tillers which makes the work done faster. A handle in the front makes it easy to transport. Wide, thick wheels make the tiller go to any surface easily. With a fuel capacity of 3.6 ltr, it is a good buy.

Benefits of a power tiller

A power tiller which is also known as a walking tractor is a revolutionary machine for farmers. Many farmers who have small farms can easily use this for readying soil to start seeding. The compact size of the mini power tiller makes sure of easy turn in smaller places, and it is very cost-effective, in terms of initial investment, maintenance and storage. It is a huge help for farmers in all respects.

If apower tilleris to be bought then it should be done from a trustworthy website. Online information should be sufficient to make an informed choice.Power tiller priceis mentioned with every model for convenience and transparency. To buy good quality power tillers or other farm equipment at competitive rates, especially for bulk orders, visitIndustry Buying.

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