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HOTTT! EROTIC long session massages for women of all ages


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Raja garden, Delhi, Delhi,

You might have gone to a spa. You might have tried a masseur at home. But nothing can match the experience I give. I relax your body with a healing and sensitive touch. I understand where the knots of stress lie and what needs and kneads to be done to dissolve them. I understand how stress can take toll of people in modern day lives and why a massage is so important.

Different people have different areas of stress and sometimes the nodes of stress are buried so deeply that even they do not know where their stress lies. It takes time and a trained person to find them out and dissolve them. A quick 30 minute to 45 minute massage only treats the problem superficially.

The result? The feel good thing about the massage wears off in a few hours and you are left wondering if it was worth the money and time. You wonder if a pain killer would probably have done a better job.

The massage I give uplifts your mood, elevates your wellness and opens you up towards life. Things like depression, lack of energy, lack of drive, lack of sensuality and the feeling that you are just living life from one hour to the next, disappear. I make you ready for life and the effect you will see will last for weeks.

I am different from the uneducated coarse speaking masseurs. I am educated, sensitive to your concerns of privacy and trust and melt into the environment of your home or hotel without coming off as an intruder. I have had my training from a Chinese expert. She taught me what a real massage is. It is certainly not a lot of oil thrown mindlessly on a body. It is an art and I have mastered my art.

Where do I give massages?

I give massages at your home or hotel. I work independently and do not have a place. I am located in New Delhi so any location around Delhi is where I can offer my services.

How much do I charge?

Massage is an art and it doesn’t have a price. I don’t do this for money alone and that is why my services are so vastly superior to other professionals who only care for money. The first massage that I offer is for free. A trial massage. You don’t have to pay anything. But if you like my services and call me again you can pay Rs. 800 per session, irrespective of time. You may pay more or less depending on the comfort of your budget. Your satisfaction is my goal. In case you cannot afford me then you can refer me to someone who can. Money is secondary. It depends upon you how much you wish to pay and what is your capacity. There is no other charge for my massage or any hidden charges

What is the duration of massage?

I give massage till you yourself feel good and think it is enough. It may take one hour or 4 hours but your full satisfaction is a must. So keep your time open if you wish to enjoy the massage to the maximum. A short session may not give you the desired results.

Why should you trust me?

I am not new to this and have regular and steady clients who trust me for the respect, secrecy, privacy and the quality of service I provide. You can meet me outside your place and you will realize at once that you can trust me. You need not exchange your phone number or name etc. and I will not ask. If on meeting me you don’t feel like going ahead with the session or have second thoughts, I will go away without a question. No issues. Your comfort level is of utmost important for the success of the massage. The same also applies to you. I would expect you to treat me with respect and sensitivity.

What are the oils one can use?

The oils will have to be provided by you. For people with dry skin, coconut oil is best. Thin or medium sized bodies too should go for coconut oil. Heavier people should go for lighter oils like Olive oil or other aroma oils. A mix of oils can be used

Any other thing that can enhance the massage?

A dining table or any platform that is waist high gives best access to your body for massage. If however you do not have any such thing in your home, no issues. I can give the massage on your bed or the floor with a mattress on it.

What about body hair?

Body hair should be as minimal as possible since a massage can pull hair and cause boils. Even though the oil reduces the pull it still is good to have minimal hair before the massage session

What kind of clothes?

Wear undergarments that you don’t mind getting stained with oil. You may desire a massage with your undergarments on or without them as the session proceeds. It all depends on your comfort level. But clothes obstruct access to many zones that are essential for healing. But once again it is your choice or need.

What should I eat before massage?

Any light meal would be ok. Do not take too heavy a meal before massage. When you lie on your belly, the heavy food can cause discomfort during massage and spoil the joy of the session.

Any questions?

Please feel free to ask. I will answer any number of questions from your side. You should have no doubts before you make the decision. Winning your trust is the most important step for a successful massage session.

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