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Strong In The Dark-Short Poem


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A Short poem on love story 

Even in the dark ,
I won’t fall this time .
In the deep black colour,
I will still my sight .
As i look past the darkness,
My demons are fading ,
And i look at the light ,
The angels will stay ,
They are here to save me,
Not falling again this time ,
The wreckless thoughts ,
Made me cry somehow.
And i looked at u and thought,
One day,
Uh’ll say that u are mine .
That innocent little girl ,
Has grown up into a wild child anyhow .
Seamlessly pouring away,
No emotions left to try ,
Well it isn’t a sad story this time ,
This darkness did hit me hard ,
As some people came and held my hand ,
And promised me to stay ,
Forever as they can !!

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